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Texas country music singer-songwriter Gary P Nunn announced today a new initiative and campaign to help Texas and Texans get back on the road, and eventually;  back into high-gear again, in a socially responsible way and in support  of the state’s Strike Force to Open Up Texas campaign.

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The Texas Maskuerade Party is a non-partisan advocacy group dedicated to educating and encouraging our fellow Texans during the COVID-19 outbreak. The Texas Maskuerade Party public awareness campaign includes messaging to gather and socialize responsibly, and to follow the guidelines outlined by local, state, and federal governments. The Texas Maskuerade Party initiatives include educating and encouraging Texans to protect each other by wearing a mask through public service announcements and social media campaigns. If Texans come together, they can beat this virus, and keep Texas music and Texas businesses alive.

Who We Are

Founded by Texas music icon and singer-songwriter Gary P. Nunn, The Texas Maskuerade Party encourages Texans to socialize responsibly and protect each other by wearing a protective mask in public where appropriate.

We know we need to start moving forward and get Texas back on the road again. That means starting to reopen up Texas in a safe, responsible way and flattening the curve – which is a tricky balance. Flattening the curve depends on Texans wearing their masks and social distancing, which depends almost entirely on individual choices.  We are trying to mobilize individual interests so Texans understand the importance and embrace the idea of wearing a mask to protect themselves, their families, their friends, their neighbors, their communities and their fellow Texans.  And the more they wear their masks, the better Texans will feel about getting out in public again, and the better our economy will do.

We hope this Texas Maskuerade Party doesn’t go on forever, but as long as it does, we need Texans to be socially responsible and wear a mask. Every life matters – this is about Texans protecting Texans, Texans saving Texans.

Music Venus

Luckenbach Texas
Gruene Hall
Coupland Dance Hall
Lil' Red's Longhorn Saloon

Devils Backbone Tavern
Poor David's Pub
Firehouse Saloon
Cactus Theater
Twin Sisters Historic Dance Hall
Main Street Crossing
Love & War in Texas


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